Monday, September 6, 2010

Longbed Knitting Machine

This is the longbed knittiing machine from Canada. I bought it from Peter Smith's store. It is a punchcard machine & has 272 needles rather than the usual 200 on a standard gauge machine. It is modeled after the Brother KH 860 punchcard machine. It comes with the ribber, altho that isn't shown in the picture. It will operate with either the KG 88 Or KG 88ll Garter Carriage. I bought the KG 88 but haven't had the chance to get it going. I had to buy some extra rails for the machine as the ones for the KH 860 are only 200 needles wide. I managed to get a couple of extra ones from Ebay but don't have them cut down just yet. I haven't used the machine yet, other than to run the carriage back & forth some. My next big buy is going to be the bulky longbed machine that is modeled after the Brother KH 260 punchcard machine. It has 150 needles rather than the 110 of the Brother KH 260. I haven't worked a punchcard machine in years so this will be a learning experience for me.


Anonymous said...

I also bought a longbed knitting machine from the same place and am looking for an extra garter carriage rail to cut down. If you have a set, would you like to sell one of the extra rails to me so I can do the exact same thing you want to do? I live in Loveland, Ohio.

Sheryl Evans said...

Hi! I don't have any extras but if you keep checking Ebay you will find them. They don't come up very often. LMK how it goes. I will keep a lookout for them & will email you ASAP if I find any. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.;-)