Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolution

This is just a tiny bit of my stash. I am going through it, sorting & grouping like yarns together. My NY Resolution this year is to make all the projects that I bought yarn for, that somehow wound up packed away in bins & never made up. That included the 6 cones I bought for thread lace sheer curtains for my living room. Also, the yarn I bought for my kitchen curtains!! I have some I bought to make up sweaters for my g'son with his school colors, that weren't finished to his dismay. As I am sorting I am finding all kinds of forgotten projects. I am NOT going to start any new projects until I have all of these finished first. (I have my business that keeps me knitting everyday, but I am talking about the 'fun' knitting for friends & family.) I have 2 full bins of Red Heart yarns that I bought on sale at 'Smiley's Yarns' for $1 a skein for my charity knitting. I did get alot of that knitted but there is still plenty left & I have had it since 2009. I have lots & lots of beautiful sweaters, hats, mittens etc. in my bins just waiting to come to life through my efforts. Nothing can sooth me like my knitting machines when I am stressed by life in general. I can go to my knitting room & knit a child's charity sweater & hat & when I am through on the machine, nothing is better than sitting & watching TV while I make them up. When I take a box of knitted items to the women's shelter for the children there I feel as though I have helped someone in need & am a better & more fulfilled person because of it.   


Heather x said...

wow babe, I thought you was sharing a photo of a shop with yarn! I am just starting out so have only bought a couple of cones and used them on a project, now I need more wool lol.
It doesn't matter what craft I take up, I always go back to knitting, your right it is so relaxing to sit and create while watching your favourite tv program....I can't just watch tv, its boring, I have to craft too :)
All the best for the New Year!
*hugs* Heather x (UK)

Sheryl Evans said...

I do wish that we could interest more people in the craft of machine knitting & hand knitting. If they can just get past the learning process they will love it like we do!!