Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Summer Romper from Ricki Mundstock

This is a summer romper made for my g'son from Trenzado. It is the 12-18 month size. This is the first one I have made using this pattern for several years. I used the Trenzado because I have so much of it, but have decided to go with the Andino as it is lighter & I am thinking that the Trenzado may be too heavy for the California climate. This one can go to the women's shelter here in Washington where it is cooler during the day, & I will use the Andino for my g'son.  I have 34 cones of Andino in a variety of colors. 

I think it is just a crime that I have let sooo much yarn accumulate without using more of it up, but in my defence I am busy knitting wool covers for my store for 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more. I love to buy the yarn as much as I love to knit it. It is the high point of my day when I get a big box of yarn in the mail & can go through it & see all the beautiful colors. 

 I have another pattern for a summer romper that has short legs. I made one for my g'son, but didn't get a picture, in the 6-12 month size & my son tells me it is too big for him still. His mommy is very tiny & he was only 6lbs 4ozs when born so he has a little catching up to do. Right now at 7 months he is 16lbs. I am going to make him a couple more of them & will be sure to get a picture this time. They are just sooo cute!!!

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