Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Print a Neck Template for 'Cut & Sew' from KnitWare

It's pretty easy to print a neck template from KnitWare for a cut & sew neckline on a pullover sweater Or a cardigan. Open the Knit Ware program & design your sweater. Right click the schematic for the front of the sweater that has the neck that you want to use. Choose 'copy to clipboard' from the drop down menu. Paste the schematic into an editing program like 'Paint' that has rulers & grids for sizing your schematic. I usually work at 50% view as it is easier to manipulate the schematic. Stretch out the neck until it is the correct width according to the measurements given on the pattern. Click save. Then lengthen the schematic until it is the right depth according to the pattern. Click save. For instance, if I am making a baby sweater that has a 5" width I would widen the schematic until the program shows that the neck is 5" wide. Then I would lengthen the neck until it is 2.25" deep. Click save, then print. Then, cut out the template. I used a ruler to close the top of the neckline. If you want to do 'cut & sew' on the back of the sweater follow the same directions for the back. I usually use card stock for my neck templates as they hold up better than paper ones.

I have decided to make baby legs for the Trenzado romper. It is too heavy for California weather but a little too cool for here, so I am making baby legs in case baby needs a bit more protection from the cool weather.

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