Monday, September 3, 2012

A Little of This & That

Here is a GC sweater that I knitted up while working on my orders. It is a drop shoulder with a 'cut & sew' neck, & grafted neckband. The sleeves are half length. It is made from Trenzado & turned out very nice. I like my sweaters long so this is hip length to fit down over my waist. I like the half sleeves because they don't get in the way when I'm knitting on the machine. Perfect fit to wear with a pair of jeans with the cooler weather that we have here in the Pacific Northwest.


While reading another blog I was surprised to learn that MK terminology should be used exclusively for MK. I read this blog religiously & am impressed by the expertise of the blogger when it comes to MK. After thinking about it for a few minutes I realized that I use some HK & MK terminology interchangeably. The issue she had was that 'bind off' is for HK & 'cast off'  is for MK. I have seen 'bind off' used in MK pattern books as well as Manuals. I think that some terms can be used for either craft, like cast on etc. Do you use the terms for either craft??

Word Verification

I have turned off 'word verification' on my blog several weeks ago. So far it hasn't been a problem except for the first few weeks when I was getting all kinds of spam. I think for someone that gets lots more hits than I do it might be a problem tho. 


Brendaknits said...

The word verification thing is driving me crazy. The words are now so blurry that my old eyes - even when I enlarge the page - have trouble reading them correctly. But when I turn mine off, I get tons of robotic comments. It's a catch 22.

Ginny said...

I use some terms interchangeably as well. However, I use a lot of abbreviations when I first write a pattern. I use CO for cast on and BO for bind off. And then I include a terminology list for those abbreviations as well as others.

Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Great sweater and terrific job on the neckline!

I read the same post regarding cast off and bind off. I tend to agree with you. Some of my machine knitting friends feel we should say needles not stitches. That one is different and stitches are created and hang on our needles.

I sometimes end my blog posting with "What's hanging on your needles?"

yarnfloozie said...

I gotta disagree with the bind-off/cast-off. As a long time handknitter (who just recently got into machine knitting), cast-off is the one coming out of my mouth. What difference does it really make, though? Sometimes terminology matters, sometimes it doesn't, and I can't come up with a reason why it would matter in this case.

Sheryl Evans said...

Enjoyed all your comments. Thx