Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Craft Room

 These are pictures of my craft room. They show my yarn trees (2), & my heat press for my tee shirts. My sewing table & serger thread rack & some of my shelves + the little red cabinet that I keep my bobbins, needles etc. in. Everything is very crowded as the room, which used to be my DD, is only 10.5 x 10.5 feet. I manage to get almost everything I need in there. (When I make a vac cover I use my kitchen table to cut out the pattern.) You can see my SR SK860 mid gauge machine but my longbed machine is behind the yarn trees. I have to move them to get to it. Everything is crammed in. I don't think there is an inch of space that I haven't found a use for. 

I have had a couple of orders for longies, but the season is starting out slow. I did so well this summer I am hoping that winter will be as productive. I am working on an order for sweaters right now. I had an order come in today for a longies so will get that out ASAP. Also, another pair of shorties. 

This is Winnipher. She is about 7 now. She is my sponsored child & lives in the Dominican Republic. She is my 3rd sponsored child. The children age out of the program at about 18-19. She writes me several letters a year & I always write her back. She tells me about her likes & dislikes, & her family etc. 

Once they age out of the program you never know what happens to them. We are cautioned not to send our address to the children, but it would be wonderful if I were able to correspond with the girls that I sponsored when they were little. I know it sounds silly, but I worry about them after they age out. But, there is always another child to help. 


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