Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Winter is Around the Corner

Warm Hats

Here is a hat that I knitted on the 'Knifty Knitter Looms' for this winter. When I knit hats on the looms I always knit a brim for the hat. I just don't like the rolled hems. Putting a brim on the hat makes all the difference in how warm the hat is. I buy the chunky yarn, usually from 'Discount Yarns' as I like to buy lots of yarn all at once & they have reasonable shipping charges. When I am not sewing up covers for my store I am knitting the hats for gifts. These hats, knitted with a brim are the warmest hats you will ever have.

To knit a hat like this use chunky yarn with at least some wool content.  32 rows for the brim, then another 30 rows for the the hat. I always use machine washable wool as NO ONE likes to get a hat that needs to be hand washed. (found that out the hard way.) They wind up going into the machine & coming out a felted baby doll hat. 


I did put up some shelves to store my machines when I am not using them. It holds my sewing machine, embroidery machine, serger, linker & my EC-1 controller. Also, the top shelves hold my wool care products for my covers & also some machine knitting products.  That little wooden thing on the top shelf with the pegs sticking out is my Pom Pom maker. I have 2 of them. 

Storing the machines vertically saves lots of room. My craft room is small so saving space this way is a big help in keeping the room organized. 

BTW:this used to be my DD room. That explains the pink walls. 

My Store

I am already getting orders for this winter. Longies & footies are what sells for this season. My summer was so busy this year I only managed to send 2 pair of mittens to A4A. Also, did minimal scrappies for the 'Friendship House'. I did get several of the lighter weight scrappies in the sport weight yarn. Right now I have orders for 4 sweaters, 2 longies, 1 shortie & 1 pullon. I sent out 2 orders this morning. This has been my best season since the recession hit 3 years ago. ;-)


steel breeze said...

Storing knitting machines vertically is not recommended - if they are stored for a while it's possible the beds will warp under their own weight. It's a PITA - I don't have much room either!

Sheryl Evans said...

Hi!! I don't store my knitting machines on the shelves. Just my sewing, embroidery, & serger machines & linker. My knitting machines I always store flat. We MK'ers need all the space we can get for our beautiful knitting machines. I have 3 machine set up right now & there is barely room to turn around in. Thx

Nancy said...

I found your blog a few days ago. I have enjoyed reading about your projects and it has inspired me to knit more. Sometimes it is hard to motivate myself but reading your blog has really helped with motivation!! Thanks and keep blogging.

Sheryl Evans said...

Sometimes I have trouble getting motivated too. I knit a couple of hours every day, even when I have had a very busy day. A little while on the KM & I am relaxed & enjoying my knitting time. Everyone knows better than to bother me while I am knitting. Often times I knit a child's sweater for charity. By the time I am finished, I am relaxed & content. MK has that effect on me. I think every MK should try to use the machine every day, even if it is just to knit a swatch for an upcoming project. Thx

sajuki said...

great !
Greetings from Poland :D