Sunday, October 7, 2012

More UFO"s

This is another UFO. I was making it for my son. It was going to be a V neck cardigan. It has been sitting around in my UFO box for a couple of years. My son is now living in a much warmer climate so I thought I would make it into a crew neck cardigan for me. It is a 'cut & sew' so changing the neck is not a problem. It looks grayer in the picture than it actually is. It is more of a warm brown. I am going to knit some pockets for it & use snaps for the front. It will be for causal wear. It was knitted on the GC. I only need to cut the neck & graft on the front & neck bands. Right now all the pieces are on waste yarn. 

Checking my UFO box I have a dozen or so projects that I haven't finished. I don't know why sometimes I lose interest in a project & forget about it for ever almost. One knitter suggested that it may be because the project is not going well, & so is abandon. I am determined to get them all finished by the end of the year. 


P. Taylor said...

Very nice design! Was this created on a standard gauge machine?

Sheryl Evans said...

It was knit on my Brother 965i with the GC. It is one of the standard designs that come built onto the machine. I have several designs that I use alot. This is one of them. Thx

Anonymous said...

It has a beautiful texture to it.