Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweaters for Little Girls

I have an order for 2 sets of worsted weight sweaters. They are for sisters, & mom wants them to match. She doesn't want any pink because they have so much pink already. She wants them in 'girly' colors though. The girls are 6 & 8. I thought these lavender colors would be a nice change from all the pinks, & still 'girly.' The top one is a size 8. 

This is the size 6 for the younger girl. Every thing finished but the neckband & making up. I  was afraid that I was going to run out of the light colored yarn but managed to get it all knitted. I'm not sure if I have enough for the neckband but am going to try it. If I run out I will do the band in the darker color instead, but I really want them identical, because that is what the customer ordered. 

I am going to do some intarsia for the other two, if I have the time. I'm not sure what yet, but am looking for a smaller pattern for them. I have a really good book that I bought on Ebay for $5 & it has easy cute patterns that I would like to do. I don't want to do any more stripes for her.  

The mom that ordered them lives next door to the couple that do my yard work. I gave him 2 sweaters for his boys out of my charity box for the women's shelter & when she saw them, she asked for my number. I have been working on them in between orders & the rest of my busy life. Right now I don't have any orders pending so am going to work on the 2nd one tomorrow even though I don't like to knit on Sundays. 


Nancy O said...

I love the little girl sweaters!! I think it is great that you actually have a business. And I wanted to comment on the UFO done on the garter carriage as well - it is beautiful.

As a result of your blog, this past weekend my Husband helped me rearrange our office room so that one whole side is dedicated to my knitting table with machines and stuff. I am so inspired to get started that I have knitted 2 swatches and will be knitting these garments shortly. Thank you for the inspiration and please keep blogging - can't tell you how much it has inspired me.

Sheryl Evans said...

So glad you have a knitting space all your own. It makes things so much more comfortable. ;-) Sheryl

Sheryl Evans said...

If you have a blog send me the addy. If not, I would love to see pictures of your knitting space & sweaters. Send them to me here & I will post them. Thx;-)