Thursday, June 16, 2011

Business Slow............Knitting for Family & Shelter

 This sweater is a size 4 designed with KnitWare. It is a raglan sleeved pullover with short-rowed neck & grafted neckband. Made from Red Heart SuperSaver with a partial skein of variegated blues & solid blue sleeves. 

Business is slow so I have time to work on charity & family sweaters. I am used to knitting at least a couple of hours a day, everyday but Sunday, so it doesn't take me long to make things. I know some people are a little awe struck by the speed that I exhibit in making my scrappies, but this is my job. I go to work everyday, it's just that my work is at home. When I don't have orders I work on reducing my stash.  
This sweater  I am not happy with.  I ran out of the plum & couldn't find any other color that looked good with it, so finally gave up & used the blue.  I almost didn't post it, but that would be cheating, in a way. If you want to show the ones you're happy with, you have to show the ones that you're not happy with too. I actually thought about running to WalMart to find something there that would match it, but that would be counterproductive as my goal is to reduce my stash, not add to it.

It is a size 2 designed with KnitWare.  It is RHSS, & a nice warm sweater. I am hoping that the little kid that gets it will love it. The younger kids are not so swayed by  appearance & like what looks good to them. That isn't always what looks good to us adults. 

I am not going to make any more mis-matched stripes. Altho I've made a lot of them, for some reason seeing the sweater from my last post on my computer offended my sensibilities.  I found that the mis-match mildly annoyed me, & I even received a comment about it.  So no more. LOL


Susan said...

I like the stripey jumper, it's the sort of thing I'd make for myself with leftovers.

Jemajo said...

Kids are a lot more adventurous in their colour schemes than adults, so I think you'll have no trouble finding a willing playmate for the stripes sweater !

I would love to have the free time to be able to knit as you do, but maybe someday I too can make a job out of a great hobby.
Right now, I'm still working on last year's Christmas list. That doesn't sound promising does it!

Sheryl Evans said...

Thx Susn, I needed to hear something positive about that sweater.

Jemajo, I know I am lucky to be able to make money doing somthing I love to do, something I would do for free. It isn't all peaches & cream tho. When I have 20 orders backed up, & my shoulder is killing me, & all want to know when they will receive their order I do wonder if this was such a good udea after all. Thx Sheryl