Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scrappy Sweaters Delivered!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the last sweater for my box of scrappies. My DD & I took them to the shelter.  Now maybe I will see some child wearing one. LOL I hope they are well received. I am going start on a new box. 

I finally had an order come in although it is a small one. Every little bit helps. After I finish it I am going to make some more 'Ready to Ship' covers.  They usually sell pretty good. I bought some new colors in the 'Patons Classic Merino Wool' & I am wondering how they will look knitted up. 

I found this online & decided to add it to my website. I took an early retirement due to Breast Cancer. I had 4 tumors & infected lymph nodes. No one, including myself, expected me to live. But I did. 

Facing my own mortality made me re-evaluate a lot of my goals in life, along with my perspective of what is important & what is not so important. Having bin after bin of yarn stored away is a waste. Knitting it all, is now my goal.

I have always been a 'caregiver' & with that crisis I became even more so. I was so fortunate  to have caring, compassionate nurses & doctors + a caring family  to encourage me to live. I know I could not have managed to keep a positive outlook without them, & I love them all more than life itself. 

After I recovered I started my Wool Diaper Cover Store & also sold knitted baby clothes. The diaper covers took over & I quit making baby clothes, as I didn't have the time. Now that things are slow I thought I would put up some baby clothes & see how they do. 


Jemajo said...

"4 tumors & infected lymph nodes" -
You really have been blessed with recovery.

I'm so glad that you were able to take an early retirement and fill your days with clothing those in need of warm sweaters.

You mention having too much yarn - but that in itself has proved to be an advantage. You can knit as much as you want now and not have the stress of trying to find the funds to support your rewarding hobby.

Sheryl Evans said...

Maybe I don't think I have too much yarn. It's those other people!! LOL