Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some Pictures of Past & Current Projects

Here are some pictures of the baby bunting for my g'daughter. On the left the bunting is snapped to form legs for access to car seats that are required by law in the US. On the right it is snapped for a sack like bunting when not using a car seat.

 My model is 'Cindy.' My g'son named her when he was 4 & in preschool. He took her to school for show & tell + some of the baby clothes I made for her, both knitted & sewn. He told me I could get a new baby & he would keep her. He kept her for about a year, & took excellent care of her, then brought her back when he became more interested in cars & trucks & dinosaurs, & all the things little boy's love.

This is the sleeve of the sweater I am working on for my g'son.  It is Stitch World pattern #551. It is a GC sweater in Piropo by Millor. The color is Christmas Green.  I haven't been working on it for several days as I am a little bit down with my back right now.  

I have back, front & one sleeve finished. I think you can see where the black star is on the sleeve. That is where my dropped stitch is. Drat!! I hate weaving stitches in GC garments. It never looks right to me & then every time I see that garment my eyes go straight to the defect. 

When I do the cut & sew on this sweater I am going to document it for the blog & also republish my C&S neck templates. I seem to get lots of hits for C&S so thought I would update the blog. 


Alex said...

The all in one suit with the hood is really pretty. Well done! I think your granddaughter will put it to good use.

That sleeve looks good but there is always one stitch that either drops or the yarn splits. Are you going to re knit it or just fix it up some how?

Sheryl Evans said...

Thx Alex, I am going to try to weave in some yarn to fix the sleeve. If that doesn't work I will reknit it. Knitting sleeves on the GC is tedious so hope I can just repair it.

Alex said...

oh thats good then.

Jemajo said...

The baby bunting is beautiful, and what a great idea to have it fasten up both ways!
The stitch pattern for the sweater is really nice. Lucky you to have a garter carriage.
I've often dropped stitches too and find that grafting up the ladder and grafting on to the next real stitch does the trick. In kid's clothes, I don't think you need to be super fussy. As long as it won't ravel and looks pretty presentable, they are happy!
The sweater will look professional after you have finished it anyway - you are super talented with the machine :D

Sheryl Evans said...

It is frustrating to find a dropped stitch but I try to be cool about it & not say the bad words that I want to say. LOL

I have made a several bungtings like this, as I used to sell them in my store. I am glad that you like it. I am going to post it in my store & see what happens.