Monday, June 13, 2011

Still No Orders.................. Scrappie Finished ...............What's Up /Blogger??

Still nothing coming in as to orders. I think the weather is too nice. Everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sunshine, including me!! I did finish my scrappie. I have only small amounts of yarn to work with. I am on the last of the Red Heart SuperSaver saved in that bin, but do have lots of sport weight yarn to work on next. For this scrappie I used Navy, Brown, 2 shades of Red, 2 shades of Yellow & 2 shades of blue. Also, the stripes don't match but with scrappies that is just fine. When I run out of one color I sometimes find a similar color to work with , but sometimes I use an entirely different color.

 This sweater is a size 6 comfortable fit sweater.  Red Heart SuperSaver is the yarn knitted up on my SR 860 at tension 6. The ribbing I do at tension 3. When my g'son was little he actually liked the mis - matched stripes better than he did the' perfectly matched'. I know some people get tired of the stripes but I like them. I can calculate the right row to start the stripes on so they will match but don't do that with scrappies as lots of times I don't have enough of one color to use it all. The dark color on the body of the sweater is navy. The dark color on the sleeves is brown.On another blog I saw a cardi made with short rowing that was beautiful!! A nice change from stripes too.

This is J.R's first haircut. He was 1 on the 4th of June so mom decided it was haircut time. Sometimes I wonder if he gets tired of having his picture taken. LOL He is their first baby so that explains it. 

Everyone is worried that blogger is going to fold because of all the error messages, problems posting etc. Some people are moving their blogs to be on the safe side. I have downloaded my blog & template to my hard drive just in case. 


Tathy e Bya said...

Oi amiga!!!
linda a blusa, e eu adoro listras também!!!
beijocas, Tathy

Anonymous said...

It is cute. and using leftover yarn for children's charity sweaters is a good idea, but I think it would have looked better if you had matched the stripes. Jen

Sheryl Evans said...

Agreed. I won't do it again!!;-)