Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grafted Sleeves with the Loop thru Loop Bind Off

Today I am going to talk about grafted sleeves & the Loop through Loop Bind Off. You can use the grafting method of attaching the sleeves if you're making a drop shoulder sweater.

1. Picture number one shows the front & back & neckband of my drop shoulder sweater. I have knitted the front & back & short rowed the neck then joined the shoulders, first one then attaching the neckband & join the other shoulder. I will talk more about short rowing the neck in a later post.

2.Picture number two shows the shoulder area of the side of the knit hanging on my machine for the appropriate number of stitches in your pattern, for your sleeve. To knit the first row, bring the needles to holding position, close all the latches & knit across the shoulder area carefully. Check to make sure that the row knitted correctly.

3.Do your decreases according to your pattern directions. After knitting the sleeve to the bottom, transfer your stitches from the main bed to the ribber bed for the rib you have chosen.

4. Rib the number of rows that the pattern calls for. Knit one very loose row from right to left. You can do this by turning the tension dial up to a tension 6-8 times looser than main tension.

5. Transfer your ribber stitches back to the main bed. Picture number three shows the ribbing finished & the row being bound off with the 'loop thru loop' method, pulling one stitch thru the next stitch for a very loose bind off & working from right to left. 

I debated making a video for this but Diana Sullivan, a machine knitting teacher, has given me permission to link to her videos so that you can watch the technique being done & maybe making it a bit easier to understand. I just didn't see any reason to duplicate her videos as they are very, very good & I doubt I could do any better. Here is the link for the technique.

Finished Scrappie pullover, size 6 made with Red Heart SuperSaver with Knitware. Drop shoulder, hip length with grafted long sleeves & short rowed neckline with grafted neckband.

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