Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer is Coming!!

Summer is coming & mom's are stocking up on shorties. Shorties are short pants made from wool & used over cloth diapers. Woolie shorties are part of the' green movement' to reduce the number of disposable diapers going into land fills. I believe it has made a significant difference & the movement is growing every day, I enjoy doing something that benefits everyone.  My store is doing well this season I am happy to say. 

I am working on my 'scrappies' too. I have finished several children's sweaters for the woman's shelter & am working on a couple more. I have several now in the smaller sizes & am looking for yarns to make some larger sizes. I usually make them up to a size 12 for kids. I also make larger sizes for the women there. Sometimes there are lots of babies, other times it's mostly older kids so I just make what I think will be helpful. I almost have a full box now so I will probably take it over there by the end of March or around there.

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