Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smaller Size Sweaters for the Shelter

Here are several sweaters in the smaller sizes for the Women's Shelter. Right now I am working on some larger sizes. Even tho summer is just around the corner, we don't always have warm weather here. Sometimes it rains all summer long!! So sweaters are still useful esp. in the evenings & nights. If the yarn I am using is thin enough I like to embroider designs on them because the kids love that so much. & the brighter the colors the more they like them. I get lots of cute embroidery designs from Artistic Thread Works & it's just $19.95 for 90 days subscription. You can download as many designs as you choose. Take a look!!

I have Wendy Phillips book of designs for children & am going to make some fairisle sweaters using her books. They are out of print now but you can still find them at the auction sites etc.


Mar said...

Very nice sweaters. I like that you take care to make them special.

Jemajo said...

I agree with Mar on how beautifully made they are. Kids know when someone puts extra effort into making things special for them!
I'm amazed at how you produce so many so quickly. It's almost the end of February and I'm still trying to catch up with the Christmas knitting list from 2010!
Well done Sheryl!!

Sheryl Evans said...

Thank You so much. The one negative thng about knitting for charity is that you don't get to see your garment being worn. I saw a small boy in WalMart wearing one of the sweaters & hats that I made for the shelter one day & it gave me so much pleasure to know that even tho it was raining outside, he had a nice warm hat & sweater that I had produced for someone special just like him. ;-)