Sunday, February 6, 2011

Toddler Sweater for Women's Shelter

This sweater was designed with KnitWare as a crew neck, drop shoulder, hip length pullover, size 2 toddler sweater with grafted sleeves. I like to make my toddler & pre-schooler sweaters hip length so that there are not any cold tummies & the whole torso is covered. It has a comfortable fit so that it will go over clothes. Grafted sleeves mean that the sleeves were knit from the shoulder down. For grafted sleeves you should hang the drop shoulder area of the sweater on the machine with the purl side facing you. Bring the needles to holding position & close all the latches. Knit the first row carefully. Check to make sure it knitted correctly. Continue with the shaping & knit the sleeve. I made this sweater from 2 skeins of leftover Red Heart Soft Baby Sport weight yarn. The front & back are knitted with a light blue while the neckband & sleeves are knitted with a blue fleck yarn. I didn't have enough of either yarn to make a complete sweater but am very satisfied that I could use up these two leftover skeins of yarn to make a warm & pleasing to look at, toddler sweater. Some little kid will be thrilled with this new sweater & it will keep him warm too!! I wish the pictures could do the sweater justice but they are never as good as I would like. Alas, I am no photographer, but do my best.

This is the first sweater that I made to carry out my New Year's Resolution to knit up my stash & odds & ends. I am going through it & finding the bits that aren't enough for a whole sweater, but that can be matched up with other leftovers to make a cute & wearable garment. I had hoped to have more done with my stash but my store has been really busy so haven't had the time to knit more of it up.     

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