Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Legs

These are Baby Legs. They are leg warmers that mom's put on baby to keep his or her legs warm during cooler weather. I make them in 12 month - 24 month sizes. They have become very popular in the last few years, & I have sold a lot of them every winter. They take very little yarn, & are quick to make.  These are made out of wool but they are also made out of cotton.  

My Hello Kitty Humidifier has been a huge success!! I turn it on about 10 minutes before starting to knit. I don't want my knitting room covered in moisture so I set it to the lightest setting. Then I can start knitting. Yesterday I knitted some Red Heart SuperSaver on my SR 860. The Red Heart yarns were giving me the worst problems trying to knit. I had to spray & spray. Now they knit without any drag at all. I was 
wearing my self out just pushing the carriage back & forth. The yarn was hanging up on the needles instead of knitting off like it should, but now all is well & I am back to knitting without all the problems. I would definitely recommend a Humidifier to use when the air is so dry. 

I am working on orders right now, but I have a baby romper that has been hanging on my standard gauge machine for a week. I am working on it whenever I get a free moment. It is a size 12-18 months & want to get it finished before my g'son out grows it. LOL

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