Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More of my Stash

More of my Stash that I am knitting up for my New Year's Resolution. This is all skein yarns. Some of it has been wound on cones for knitting. I have a 'Silver Needles Cone Winder' for that job & it is getting a workout!!

My cone winder allows me to wind the skein yarn on the cones for easier machine knitting. These are available from various site. You can google 'silver needles cone winder' to find them for sale. They are a bit on the spendy side but well worth the money. If you don't have one, I would recommend making it your next big purchase. You can also buy the plastic cones for them for $.35 cents each. If you use any of the Millor yarns you probably have a bunch of the cardboard ones already. 

I am continuing to work on my charity sweaters. I did manage to get a couple more of them knitted, but now, my house is complaining that I am neglecting her!! So will do house work instead of knitting for the next few days. 

Both of these sweater are drop shoulder, grafted sleeves with the loop thru loop bind off, hip length & short rowed neck/grafted neckband. The Red is a size 6 made from several partial skeins of Red Heart SuperSaver in red & one partial skein in the red/white/blue variegated yarn. The blue one is a size 2 & will fit a toddler. It takes me about an hour & 1/2 to knit one of these children's sweaters. There is no shaping except for the short rowed neck. Then maybe half an hour to sew them up. I use the mattress stitch for them. I do have a linker but have not made 'good' friends with it yet. I do use it to sew up fingering weight garments but I don't like the way it sews up worsted or sport weight yarns so do them by hand.

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