Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treadle Sewing Machine

While browsing the web I found this sewing machine. I didn't know that treadle machines were still being manufactured. This machine is for the Amish & promises to last for years. I remember that my G'mother had a treadle machine that she had converted to electric when I was a child. She let me sew on it & I promptly sewed the needle through my finger. My G'father pulled it out with a pair of pliers & I was none the worse for it, other than a sore finger.  I might have been 6-8 at the time. I remember seeing that machine stored in the basement years later when I was an adult. Having sewed my finger didn't discourage me though & I went on to sew clothes for myself & my family, although not on a treadle machine. Sewing doesn't seem to be one of the things that today's mom's want to do. Most of them work & it is hard to make time for crafting of any kind because of that. My daughter inherited my old machine when I bought a new one & has made some pillows & pajama's for the family. She enjoys sewing but is pressed to find time for it.  

I am continuing to work on orders. I am going to put the sweater for my daughter together in a few days & hope to have that finally finished.  

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