Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Romper #2

This is the top to my baby romper that I am making for my g'son. I have been trying for 2 weeks to get to work on it, but my store has been so busy I just didn't have the time. Today I had some time to myself & managed to finish the front of the romper. I choose a small fair isle design for the top & knitted it with DAK, using the interactive knitting option. I am not that great with DAK but interactive knitting is one of it's wonderful options that I have learned how to use. In the photo it looks like white & blue, but is actually a pale yellow & blue.
The Romper is another one of the Ricki Mundstock rompers made on my SR 840 with Millor Andino. Andino is a wonderful yarn for summer time as it is light weight & wears like iron. I imagine that this romper will go through several more babies before it loses it's wear ability. I am going to put snaps on the crotch & 2 buttons on the back of the top. It is going to be a cut & sew neckline.

This pattern is very versatile & with minor alterations can be made with cap sleeves for a girl. Her book "Oh What a Beautiful Baby" is available online. I am planning on making several of these. I have a large bin of Andino that is hopefully going to get knitted up. Also, we have another baby due in August of this year. I'm hoping girl but a boy will be fine too!!  

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Jemajo said...

That looks really nice with the diamond pattern. I love to see something a little more patterned on baby wear. Looking forward to seeing the finished romper!