Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Static Eledtricity & Hello Kitty

This is my new Hello Kitty Humidifier. I am going to see what it will do for the Static Electricity in my knitting room. Of course it is for a congested child but it was so cute I could not resist it. I am tired of all the little rituals that we use to fight the dreaded Static!! Dryer sheets, copper chore boys, yarn spray, boiling water etc. 

On another note, I have been told that Lori Lin yarn spray has been discontinued. There is nothing to take the place of it.  Maybe someone will come along & take up the job of manufacturing something similar.

For all the Bond Knitters out there. Bond America has a new 'Easy Knitting Spray' available, but contrary to what I was told, you cannot use it on the metal bed machines.  It is only for the plastic Bond machines. 

Knit & Sew World has some machine cleaning products available but they are not for the yarn. They are for cleaning & maintaining your metal bed machines.  Click here to visit the page.  


TracyKM said...

Why wouldn't it be safe on metal machines? The needles on a Bond are metal, are you supposed to avoid contact with the needles somehow? I know some sprays are good on metal only, and not plastic, but I've never heard of one that's not safe on metal.

Sheryl Evans said...

I thought that I could use it on the metal bed machines too. In fact a friend had told me so!! Then when I went to the website for Bond America it said that the spray is NOT (in capatol letters, no less) for use with other machines. Only plastic beds. Knit & Sew World has some sprays that it sells for metal bed machines, but they are for cleaning & not for the yan. I am going to add that link to my site right now as it may help others too. Thx Sheryl