Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HO HUMMMM Another Baby Romper??? Borrrrrringggggggg???

I am still making baby rompers for this summer. It is a lot of fun making them & they don't take a lot of yarn or time. I made this romper in about 4-5 hours counting the time it took me to sew it up. It took 5 oz of yarn & 5 snaps. This is the same pattern that I used to make the green romper. It is in Machine Knitting News, Baby Collection, Vol 5, Pattern # 24, knitted in Millor Andino. These make good items for charity, too. Some mom's come into the women's shelter with their kids & nothing but the clothes on their back. Kids & baby items are very much needed.

I am going to finish the GC sweater that I started for my grandson a couple of weeks ago. It is made from Millor Piropo in green, garter carriage pattern #551, in the Brother Stitch World Book. I have had sooo many hits for 'cut & sew' I am going to repeat the C&S neck of this sweater, & include some hints & help as to how to make a neck template yourself. Also, am going to make a lacy hat to go with the lace romper for my g'daughter. & of course some socks. In between I will be filling orders for my e-store.

I am having a lot of trouble posting to my blog with AOL. Another blogger suggested that I download Google Chrome to solve the problem. It did help at first, but now I find that Chrome is not loading my complete blog, but only parts of it, & that I cannot edit the blog at all. The top information header 'navi bar' containing the link to make a new post is gone. On AOL the links to add image etc. are not working, but are there at least. I don't believe it is my PC but that the problem is with Blogger. I will try to resolve this if I can by contacting Blogger. I added this post with IE.


Blogger says this is a known issue & they are working to resolve it.

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