Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweater & Hat For Baby Drew

Here is a sweater & hat that I made for baby Drew. It is still way to big for him but they don't stay little for long, do they?? Also, made a blanket to match. 

He is about 2 months old here. It is made from a worsted weight yarn in Red Heart Kids. I like to use the RH Kids on children's projects because it is much softer than the other RH yarns, so better for little ones. 

I am working on the yellow romper still. It is almost finished but I've orders that I have had to do first so haven't finished it yet. All that is left is for me to put on the leg bands & snaps. I hope to finish it next week for sure. 

I have a GC sweater that I am making for my grandson. I've the front, back & one sleeve finished. I've had to set it aside for a while so I can work on the lace romper, because I needed that machine for the lace.  I am going to do the leg bands for the romper on my SR 840, so that I can get my GC moving again & finish the sweater. 


Alex said...

Aww it's lovely, I like the use of the I-cord. and drews beautiful too

Heather x said...

Awww how cute does the little man look in that set! Beautifully done Sheryl :) Love the colours :)

*hugs* Heather x

Sheryl Evans said...

Thank you Alex & Heather. I had sooo much fun making it. I just use the I-cord for under 2 yrs. After that I make ribbing instead. The older kids can't resist pulling the I-cord out!! LOL