Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lace Romper Started.

Haven't had the time to get much  knitting in. I did get the back of the lace romper started, but I didn't have enough of the peach to use it. I decided that a bright yellow could work nice too. I am going to call Irene @ Knitcraft & see if she has any peach Andino left. I wrote the pattern for the back but haven't even charted the front yet, but will get to it soon, as I want to get this finished. I tried to knit it on the SR 840 but my Lace Carriage is broken & needs to go out for repairs. I had forgotten that I had broken a piece off the end of it several months ago. So I am using the Brother 965i instead. It knits lace beautifully but you have to push the carriage back & forth twice the times you do with the Silver Reed carriage. That carriage knits & transfers at the same time where the Brother machines need a different carriage to knit & a lace carriage to transfer.

If you decide to knit this romper there are several things that you need to know;

1. Her pattern starts the lace pattern on the first row. Never start lace on the first row. Always knit a couple of plain rows.

2. She slopes her shoulders with 2 bind offs of 8 stitches each. I don't bind off baby shoulders because it makes the shoulder uneven. Shortrowing works better.

3. She knits the lace pattern right up to the last row. I always knit 2 rows plain knitting after the lace.

These are just suggestions as to how I do it. I am in no way saying that she is wrong. Just that I have a better way for me.

As soon as I get the front written I will get to work on it. I have a scrappie on my mid-gauge waiting for me & a couple of UFO's that need finishing so better get busy!! 

This pattern is in Machine Knitting News, Baby Collection vol 1, pattern #16. 

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