Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Bunting Finished

Here is the finished baby bunting. It needs some blocking but my steamer went out so have ordered a new one. I put this in the washer & will see if it helps any. I might try a little steam when the new steamer comes, before I send the bunting off.

This bunting snaps down the front for a bag like bunting or can be snapped up a little differently to form legs so baby can wear it in a car seat. It is made from Millor Vellon, no longer produced, & takes about 4-5 hours to knit & sew up. The snaps are from Snap Source (their link is on the left side of the blog) in baby pink. The Vellon is a fuzzy yarn & a good fit for this project. Also, am making a baby blanket but haven't decided yet whether I am doing a tuck, slip or G-Carriage blanket. I plan on doing a romper with booties & mitts too. This is a little heavy for a romper but I think it will work out okay. 

I embroidered a little pink lamb on the front of the bunting & it turned out to be just what it needed. You can't see the lamb very well in the picture, but it made a cute addition.    

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