Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smaller Romper......................Bigger Socks

This romper is a 9-12 month size & I am hoping for a better fit. I tried to pick some bright colors this time. Babies love bright colors!! This romper takes about 5-6 hours to make & about 7 oz of Millor Andino. It is fairly light weight for a knit & comfortable for the summer weather. I plan to make more of these for J.R. & also for the new baby girl we are expecting. I'm going to look for some pink yarn in the Andino. I am not sure that I have any & the yarn is no longer produced. I am going to email Charlene Schaffer at the KnitKnack Shop & see what a comparable yarn in the Tamm line is available.

My son said the socks fit the baby but were a little tight so have made larger socks. If I could get one of them to measure JR's foot that would certainly help. I get promises but they never seem to get the time in their busy schedules to actually do it.

I want to tell you about these awesome pound on snaps that I found on the Internet. The company is called 'Snap Source' They have all kinds of different packages of snaps. Pastels & bright colors too. All different sizes. They have a funny little purple applicator to attach the snaps.  I bought a small hammer from them just for pounding on the snaps. Believe me, if you get them on right, they will never come off. I have been using them on baby clothes for years. They are the only snaps I've found that are worth the money I paid for them.

I use the snaps for decorative purposes as well as a functional additions to my garment.


Tathy e Bya said...

lindo seus trabalhos!!! amei o macaquinho!!!
beijocas, Tathy

Sheryl Evans said...

Thank You Sheryl