Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Little Customer

Here is one of my happy little customers. I enjoy it sooo much when Mom's send me pictures of their little ones wearing my product. I make 100% wool diaper covers that are used with cloth diapers.

 Before there was plastic, there was wool. Mom's used it for a diaper cover for hundreds of years. It absorbs moisture & doesn't transfer that moisture to baby's bedding or clothes. This is part of the green movement to prevent landfills from being filled with disposable diapers. It has gained a lot of momentum with more & more family's using cloth diapers.

This is my awesome little g'son. He has a bunch of woolies, but guess what?? He is allergic to wool!! So mom is using disposables for him. LOL


Jemajo said...

He looks so cute and happy!
Do these wool pants shrink constantly in the wash? I'm assuming that the superwash wool wouldn't be as absorbant?

Sheryl Evans said...

It isn't superwash wool. It has to be hand washed in lukewarm water with a wool wash bar. Very carefully as they will felt if agitated too much. There are several mom's that produce the wool wash bars. I use 'Sudz & Dudz.' Mom's have to be commited to cloth diapering as it is a lot more work than the disposables. & Yes, they do look cute & happy. Nothing can brighten the day like a smiling baby!!!