Monday, April 18, 2011

G-Carriage Sweater

My grandson came over today to clean the moss out of my driveway. It is so damp & humid in Western Washington State that the moss grows every where. It was chilly so he looked for a sweater that would fit him, in the box for the shelter. This sweater fit, so he worn it while he worked.  & took it home with him.

I have been working on the bunting for the baby girl that is due in August. I have both fronts finished & am going to do the back & sleeves today.  I am volunteering at Catholic Services also & am taking a woman to the Dr. in Olympia WA & want to be able to sew it up while I wait. I am going to put pink snaps on it & trim it in white.  I'm using the Millor yarn Vellon. It is a lighter yarn, but I thought since they live in southern California that is will work out for them. I am making a blanket in tuck stitch to go with  it. Also, booties & mitts. The baby bunting snaps up the front to make a bunting sack, or you can snap it in a different way to form legs to fit into a car seat. 

I have orders to work on & am trying to get them out so I can work on other things. I don't make alot with my store, but it    does give me pin money.  I like to keep busy too & so I try to fill my day with positive experiences. This week I had an order come in from Australia. I am still amazed with the way the Internet has opened up the world.

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