Friday, April 15, 2011

Still doing Scrappies!!

This is another scrappie for the women's shelter. I made it from half a skein of leftover variegated brown yarn & several  partial skeins of the solid brown. I was going to give it to my step-g'son but they have moved out of the area so stuck it in the box for the shelter. It is a size 4. Someone will hopefully love it.

I bought 6 cones of Millor Vellon in baby pink for a baby blanket & hooded bunting. This is a wonderful yarn for baby things. If I have enough I will make a romper  too. This is going to be for my new g'baby due in August. It will be her coming home set. Vellon is a great yarn, but unfortunately Millor Yarns are no longer produced. It is kinda fuzzy, but I like that. I will get started on it when I get the chance.  I can't wait to get to work on it.

I have had a slew of orders come in so will be working on them for a while. Also, I am going to make some baby size cardigans for my store out of wool. I have been meaning to get some made but it seems like I am always doing something else.  

When I am not knitting I like to volunteer at Catholic Community Services. I usually go a couple of days a week. Yesterday I had to take a lady that is 78 go to the Dr. She had a walker with wheels on it. I took it out of the car & set it by the back of the car so I could help her out. When I turned around the walker was halfway down the hill & gaining speed very quickly. I ran(?) down the hill as fast as I could, which isn't very fast, & yelling 'hey, mister...........hey, mister' to a man that was getting in his car. He ran down the errant walker & brought it back to us. I was so embarrassed I could have died. But all turned out well, Thx to God, & we had a good laugh about it.

Our bundle of love.

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